Giga Clues


UFB for Business

Business with a high web presence have double the annual growth of those with a low web presence. Web-savvy small and medium sized businesses are more likely to be involved in exporting and create more jobs. On average, the internet enabled a 10% increase in profitability made up of increased revenues and lower costs.


Smart loos at Heathrow Terminal 2

Toilets at the newly-opened Terminal 2 at Heathrow have been fitted with sensors that anonymously count the number of people who use them.

The smart loos send alerts to cleaners after a certain number of people have entered.

The information is also sent to be analysed, allowing staff to see which toilets are used most often.


Students now well connected

Stanley Avenue School in Te Aroha is the 1000th school in the country to be connected to fast internet.

During a visit to the school this week Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye said Network for Learning (N4L) had now connected 40 per cent of New Zealand schools to the Government’s fast internet managed network.


What Happens in an Internet Minute?

What happens in an Internet minute? In 2013, four zettabytes of data were created by digital devices. In 2017, it is expected that the number of connected devices will reach three times the number of people on earth.

View infograph @ Intel


Sustainability to drive business growth

Implementing sustainability practices could generate billions of dollars in new high-value economic growth for New Zealand, says Schneider Electric’s Simon Smith.

Bill Clinton has been arguing since the financial crisis of 2008 that we need to improve capitalism so that it’s more sustainable. Similarly, Michael Porter from Harvard University has been arguing that businesses need to adopt a proactive approach to sustainability and focus on ‘creating shared value’ if they want to be successful.


Embracing the cloud and UFB for sustainability

Ricoh’s Roly Smoldon offers a personal perspective of how the cloud and UFB are two sustainability enablers.

Being nimble is one of the biggest green benefits of IT. Over the years information technology has evolved so much so that businesses are now able to be more flexible than ever.