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Chattanooga Library general

The Public Library in the Gigabit Community: Chattanooga, TN

What will the public library look like in Gigatown, New Zealand?  Will it feature rows and rows of worn print books, magazines and DVDs?  Not if it is anything like the Chattanooga Public Library: the Gig Library in the Gig City!

This week on GigaNews we welcome Nate Hill, Deputy Director at Chattanooga’s Public Library and Gigatown guest blogger, to explain how libraries of the future are shaping up with the help of a fibre optic gigabit connection…


Where will you be for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals?

Maybe you’ll be up bright and early for 7:00am on Monday 14th July to catch the action live on telly, or if you’re heading out the door to work, perhaps you’ll be streaming updates on the game via your tablet or mobile device en route.

Kids are never far from technology

If video killed the radio star, what will UFB do?

This month at Gigatown we’re exploring how ultra-fast broadband and internet-based applications and services are shaping the future of modern entertainment.

Across the globe, over six billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. That’s almost an hour for every person on Earth. Video streaming across multiple devices is not only changing the way that we consume entertainment, it is increasingly driving demand for high bandwidth internet connections.

Business paper


Kiwis love the Internet. 86% of us are online every day – purchasing items (72%) or researching what we want to buy (80%). But nationally, only 35% of small businesses have a website and few offer online purchasing.* These stats suggest that many New Zealand businesses are missing out on the benefits of the digital economy and opportunities to reach customers and grow. 



Some awesome entries for the Gigaschools video competition have been submitted from schools around New Zealand and we can’t wait to see more. Chorus and Gigatown are pleased to announce that Johnson Witehira, Patrick Snedden and Massad will be sitting on the Gigaschools judges’ panel.

Economic Benefits 1


This month at Gigatown we’re talking business – or more specifically, about the economic benefits that ultra-fast broadband over fibre can provide.  Faster broadband enables reliable, high-speed transfer of data, voice and video, a powerful platform for innovation and growth.

Fibre optic unfiltered


Some of us will be familiar with the animated family, The Jetsons, who had a fabulous life whizzing around the futuristic Orbit City in the year 2062. While we’re not driving to work in aero cars in space just yet, Kiwis are a lot closer to a future that The Jetson’s creators might have imagined in the 1960s.

What Can Gig WiFi Do For Nelson?

Nelson wins Smart Cities comp!

Congratulations to Nelson for winning the Facebook Smart Cities competition – claiming an extra 200,000 Gigapoints and scoring a piece of community street art from internationally acclaimed artist, Askew.

Click on the link above to view Nelson’s winning entry.


The Great Fibre Quiz

The Great Fibre Quiz launches today so get online and earn points for your town by completing the first quiz about smart cities.

Each month we’ll be rolling out a new Gigaquiz based on a different theme and connected to the mini competitions we’ll be running around the time. And yes that means the next competition coming up is all about smart cities.

Gigapoints are up for grabs and you can earn 10 points for the town you support when you answer all 5 questions correctly. Points are adjusted relative to the supported town’s size in the usual way to become Gigapoints..

You have to be a Gigatown Supporter and signed in at to complete the Gigaquiz. There are Gigaclues (videos and articles) to help you work out the answers, and you can take the Gigaquiz as many times as you like until you get all 5 answers right.
Each Gigatown Supporter can complete each Gigaquiz topic once to receive 10 points for their town.

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Top tips for towns

We trawl town Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and talk to towns regularly about what they are doing locally to generate ongoing support for Gigatown and thought it was high time we shared some top tips. So here goes: