Giga-comp history

When we launched Gigatown on Labour Day October 28, last year we knew we were in for a unique and exciting campaign – and #OMG, #wereweright, #orwhat! It’s shaping up to be one of the biggest online comps in New Zealand’s history.

We wanted Gigatown to start a conversation about fibre and numerous mini-comps later, the online communities supporting Gigatown have already generated over 2.2 million eligible social media posts. Incredibly there are a total of 79 official Facebook and blog pages dedicated to local Gigatown campaigns. Here’s an overview of the mini-competitions and winners so far:

The stats:

393,310 unique visitors to the Gigatown website

Over 43,000 Supporters Network members

11,000 correctly answered quizzes

Instagram Home Office: 15-17 November 2013

Hundreds of Gigatowners shared photos of their home office via Instagram and discussed the benefits of connected tele-working. Wanaka won 10,000 Gigapoints, Masterton 7,000 and Oamaru 5,000.

Supporters’ World: 5-6 December 2013

In our first Supporters’ World comp towns competed to sign-up the most new members to their supporters’ networks after being inspired by the street art of Leon Keer. Dunedin won 25,000 Gigapoints plus a Leon Keer artwork in the Octagon, Timaru won 15,000 and Masterton won 10,000.

Instagram Dream Home: 31 January – 5 February 2014

The Instagram Dream Home competition generated over 4,300 entries and some great images and photographs of the connected homes of the future. Queenstown won 75,000 Gigapoints, Timaru 50,000 and Masterton 25,000.

Supporters’ World: 23-28 January 2014

Our second Supporters’ World competition offered points and bonus points for towns that doubled their supporters during the promotion. Timaru won 75,000 Gigapoints, Masterton 65,000, Gisborne 55,000, Nelson 45,000 and Dunedin 35,000. Whakatane, Nelson and Queenstown also won 25,000 bonus points each.

Giga-speed competition: 13 – 27 February 2014

This game changing competition offered 1,000 points for each eligible video demonstrating both the speed and capacity difference between today’s broadband and giga-bit fibre. It generated over 3,000 entries and some fabulously creative videos. Through sheer grit and determination, Dunedin generated the most and burst into the top five for the first time.

Pick your Gigatown and win a 4k TV: 1-9 March 2014

Our 4k TV promotion encouraged more supporter sign-ups for towns with Aaron Haines winning our Gigatown supporters’ competition.

Facebook Smart Cities: April 2014

We’ve seen how fibre has transformed Chattanooga’s economy, making it one of the world’s smartest cities. This Facebook Smart Cities competition was all about helping educate New Zealanders on the potential of GigaWiFi to transform how we live, work and play. We received video entries from across the country showing how this would help your town. Nelson came first place winning 200,000 Gigapoints and internationally renowned artist Askew contributed a work of street art. Porirua came second winning 100,000 Gigapoints and Wanaka third winning 50,000 Gigapoints.

Education GigaQuiz: May 2014

In May we explored how UFB and digital technologies over fibre are changing the way we learn in the classroom with our education quiz, the first in a series of quizzes. It was a great opportunity for towns to earn extra Gigapoints so thanks to all who entered.

Gigatown “The Business” Competition: May – June 2014

Towns could win Gigapoints by interviewing local businesses about how UFB could change the way they do business in the future, plus win business training courses with The Icehouse. The winning video entries spoke passionately about how important UFB will be to their business community in their town and for economic growth. Queenstown won 520,000 Gigapoints, Blenheim 500,000, Invercargill 60,000 and Porirua, Gisborne, Timaru, Dunedin, Nelson and Wanaka each earned the maximum 600,000 Gigapoints.

Gigatown Economic Benefits Gigaquiz: June 2014

In June we talked about the economic benefits that UFB can provide and invited people to take our Economic Benefits Gigaquiz to find out how fibre can help businesses improve productivity, reduce expenses, and ultimately grow New Zealand’s GDP.

Gigaschools video competition: March – August 2014

Our Gigaschools video competition offered students the opportunity to create a video telling us which town they think should be Gigatown, what a day in the life of a gigabit connected school in Gigatown will be like, what will change in the school and the classroom with gigabit connected services and how will it enhance the way they learn. Great prizes for the winning schools and big points for the towns they support were up for grabs including a bonus 10,000 Gigapoints for any eligible entries that support a town other than the town where the school is located. Entries have now closed and judging is in progress with the winning schools announced on Friday 1 August.

Masterquiz competition: July – September 2014

In July we launched the Quiz Masterclass Series. The quizzes get longer and more comprehensive each month with three in total, to run in July, August and September. The first Masterclass explores this month’s theme, entertainment. Over 11,000 quizzes have been correctly answered so far.

Gigatown Start Up Competition: July 2014

In July we launched our Gigatown Start Up Competition to win big Gigapoints by creating a one to three minute YouTube TED-talk style video that demonstrates why your town has the most potential to become the start-up capital of the South Pacific with gig services.

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