Over the past few weeks, the team at Gigatown, and our awesome competition judges, Patrick Snedden, Johnson Witehira and Massad have watched all of the Gigaschool video entries and been impressed with students’ demonstrations of what a day in the life of a gigabit connected school will be like.

Schools around New Zealand have showed us how they believe their learning could be enhanced by video conferencing with schools and teachers in other parts of the world, by holograms, 3D printers, scanners that take the student roll, and wow, even robots!

Ultimately, the Gigaschool judges felt the two schools that took out the top prize in the junior and senior categories, Whakatane Intermediate (junior) and John McGlashan College (senior), stood out because they clearly demonstrated creatively how UFB will drive educational development and learning in schools, over and above simply connecting to faster broadband.


Here are the winning schools:

In the junior school category –

1st place: Whakatane Intermediate School #GigatownWHK (300,000 Gigapoints)

2nd place: Corinna School #GigatownPOR (200,000 Gigapoints)

3rd place: Bluestone School #GigatownTIM (100,000 Gigapoints)

4th place: Adventure School #GigatownPOR (50,000 Gigapoints)

5th place: Nelson Central School #GigatownNSN (25,000 Gigapoints)


In the senior school category –

1st place: John McGlashan College #GigatownDUN (300,000 Gigapoints)

2nd place: Wakatipu High School #GigatownQTN (200,000 Gigapoints)

3rd place: Bishop Viard College #GigatownPOR (100,000 Gigapoints)

4th place: Titahi Bay Intermediate School #GigatownPOR (50,000 Gigapoints)

5th place tie: Southland Girls High School #GigatownIVC and Mt Aspiring College #GigatownWKA (25,000 Gigapoints each)


As part of the competition, there were also 10,000 bonus Gigapoints available for eligible video entries that chose to support a town outside of the town where the school was located.

Dunedin had 11 schools supporting them from outside Dunedin to receive 110,000 bonus Gigapoints. Three other schools in the South Island chose to support Timaru giving the town 30,000 bonus Gigapoints, while Porirua had one school from another town supporting to receive 10,000 bonus Gigapoints.

Well done to all of the winning schools and a huge thank you to all who participated! We’re excited to see how schools will best make use of the gigabit broadband service in the winning Gigatown.

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