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The Internet, ultra-fast broadband, disability… what’s the connection?

Dan Buckingham, from innovative web platform, AttitudeLive, joins us as a guest blogger for GigaNews this week. Dan spends his workdays producing high quality documentaries and video, blog and media content, connecting people to all things relating to disability and chronic health. Outside of work he represents New Zealand’s wheelchair rugby team, the Wheel Blacks. Dan shares his thoughts on how ultra-fast broadband and gigabit services will help AttitudeLive tell its stories…

Dan: AttitudeLive.com is the world’s largest online collection of documentaries telling real stories of people living with disability, and best of all it’s based right here in New Zealand. We’re building a global online community – connecting, communicating and collaborating, so much so, that we won the rights to screen the Sochi 2014 Paralymic Winter Games. We flawlessly broadcast over 50 hours of live steaming at 1080p (HD) – more Winter Paralympic content than seen ever before in NZ – and it was available across mobile, desktop and tablet.

The cool thing about doing this online? People also had instant access to athlete profiles, behind the scenes footage, opinion pieces, and they could catch up with what they missed with our On Demand.

We often say the main thing we do at AttitudeLive is we just tell people’s stories, but we tell them in an engaging, entertaining way that makes people want to watch. They are stories with great characters people want to know about. They’re also stories about people who, without AttitudeLive, might never have their stories heard…

People with disabilities are treated differently. We are vastly underrepresented in the media. And yes, from employment to education, to how we’re perceived by society at large, things could be a lot better for us. AttitudeLive is helping to change all of this. It’s a place where people can stream great content, learn and connect with others. With improved broadband access we can more easily tell our stories of people’s independence, aspirations, and day-to-day life. It is this online content that changes perceptions.

As towns compete for the Gigatown crown, it’s time to start turning heads to the opportunities for people with disabilities in the winning Gigatown too. How will gigabit connectivity and new technologies and innovations that come with it change our lives for the better?

The winning Gigatown will be able to take advantage of a $500,000 fund provided by Chorus that organisations in the winning Gigatown community can apply to kick start community related developments that showcase how gigabit infrastructure and UFB can be activated for social good.

AttitudeLive is just one way that living with greater connectivity is changing New Zealand, and the world. Which Gigatown is going to step up and help to make a difference?

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