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Well, we’re almost at the end! There are less than four days to go until Gigatown’s social media, quiz and supporter challenges close for good and we enter the final two weeks of the competition. Phew.

The Gigatown competition was set up to help educate New Zealanders and kick start conversations about UFB and the economic and social benefits it can provide. Over the past year, we’ve been wowed by the enormous levels of passion and commitment from towns and supporters all over the country. And we’ve been equally impressed by the quality of the conversations you’ve been having locally and over social media, it just shows us how much you’ve learnt along the way about the potential of UFB.

We thought we’d share some official stats with you from the first round of the competition (October 2013 – 12 September 2014) and some work-in-progress stats from the finals because they are pretty impressive…

Twitter posts: 2.1 million

Facebook posts: 387,587

Total quizzes taken: 46,839

Mini-competitions completed: 11

Verified supporters: 66,182

Total number of visits to the Gigatown website: 1,595,063 (Google Analytics as at 12 September 2014)

And that’s not including the massive amount of activity that’s taken place during the final round of the competition – we’ve seen over 2.3 million social media posts and more than 18,000 quizzes completed since 17 September 2014!

The final five towns, Dunedin, Gisborne, Nelson, Timaru and Wanaka have gone above and beyond and we look forward to sharing more results with you after the winning Gigatown is announced on 26 November 2014.

We wish all five towns the best of luck as the social media, quiz and supporter challenges close and they head into the last two weeks of the competition, completing their Plans for Gig Success. Don’t forget to register to vote on the plans – you can do that here.

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