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We trawl town Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and talk to towns regularly about what they are doing locally to generate ongoing support for Gigatown and thought it was high time we shared some top tips. So here goes:

The more the merrier: You’ll get competition fatigue if there are only a few of you producing content. We recommended spreading the load and leveraging the content generation skills that exist in your wider community. People with online skills and experience are ideal candidates  – budding photographers, keen Instagrammers, savvy tweeters, Facebook fanatics and traditional PR people. Get them involved in helping you generate content that engages and encourages interaction and participation in local Facebook page conversations and Twitter feeds. They could be your secret content weapons in the mini-competitions as well as the day to day activity.

Digital natives and beyond: We love the natural inhabitants of the digital landscape but lots of towns have done really well by engaging support from a variety of age groups.

Don’t hit the snooze button during the mini-competitions: They may be mini but some of these comps reap big rewards so it’s worthwhile promoting these to your networks and encouraging friends, contacts and family to get involved.

Broaden your horizons: Enlist support from within your town and further afield. Why not ask a sister town, or twin town to support your campaign? There are no restrictions on where people need to live to register so start drumming up support in far flung places.

Create some business buzz: Encourage local business owners to get on board to support / talk / advertise/ contribute prizes for mini town comps that can help publicise your bid. We’re not naming names but there is a town near a lovely lake that has had great success with this approach.

Make sure you meet and greet: Nothing beats getting out and about and talking to people face-to-face. Signing up to volunteer at local events to promote your Gigatown bid is a great way to generate more support and promote the cause.

Harness mainstream media: Social media may be the new kid on the block but mainstream media has far greater reach, so go old school and enlist the support of your local newspaper and radio stations to generate coverage when your town wins a competition or moves up or down the leader board. See if you can get some local columnists on board to talk about the benefits for your town.

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One thought on “Top tips for towns

  1. I’m not really sure what we can do to get points. Also how can a place like Maungakiekie have fewer than 500 points, and some towns like Wanaka have over a million points. What are they doing that we aren’t? Help, I want to get my town moving!!!!!!!!!!

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