UFB for Business

Business with a high web presence have double the annual growth of those with a low web presence. Web-savvy small and medium sized businesses are more likely to be involved in exporting and create more jobs. On average, the internet enabled a 10% increase in profitability made up of increased revenues and lower costs.

These facts come from a McKinsey survey of 4,800 small to medium businesses across 12 developed broadband markets.

This is compelling evidence for you to get your business more connected. Ultrafast broadband enables your business to connect to the internet at speeds of 100 mbps or more.

We surveyed more than 500 Kiwi businesses and found that the key drivers for using faster broadband are to ‘do more with less’, and increase productivity.

The importance of remote, anytime access and security become clear when businesses were asked to rank concepts they were interested in:

  • 53% said that access anywhere online storage was important
  • 55% indicated the ability to work remotely
  • 62% favoured online back-up
  • 53% said ingregrated communications
  • 45% remote PC and service monitoring

What can UFB do for your business? Check our map to see when UFB is available at your address and then talked to your telecommunications service provider.

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