Where will you be for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals?

Maybe you’ll be up bright and early for 7:00am on Monday 14th July to catch the action live on telly, or if you’re heading out the door to work, perhaps you’ll be streaming updates on the game via your tablet or mobile device en route.

The FIFA World Cup is the most viewed sporting event in the world – 2010’s World Cup in South Africa attracted 3.2 billion viewers! In 2010, there weren’t too many who strayed far from the TV to watch the games, but over the last four years, the engagement with football content on mobile devices has increased from 16 percent to 63 per cent.*

With the help of connected TVs, tablets, laptops and smart phones, it looks like 74 per cent of the overall audience for this World Cup will be watching the matches from a bar, a friend’s home or work, while 14 per cent will be watching games from the comfort of their beds.** According to a recent study by YuMe, 25 per cent of fans intend to stream matches live on tablets, while a further 13 per cent plan to stream live via connected TVs.

The world of entertainment as we know it is changing. Video content is becoming more accessible and people want to stream video on demand, and on the move. Ultra fast broadband and gig services provides a platform for the best, most reliable, viewing experience available today.

If you’re planning to watch the final match remotely this coming Monday, FIFA has released an Official World Cup app to give fans an easier way get involved. Last month, the app became the most popular sports event app in the world, with 22 million downloads, and the average fan spending 54 minutes engaged by watching live games, reading editorial articles or exploring social content within the app.

Just think, by the time the next FIFA World Cup rolls around in 2018, you might be watching it in high definition from anywhere in Gigatown!

* Think with Google, FIFA reveals 2010 viewing figures


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