The Prize

As the winning Gigatown, Dunedin receives:

  • Gigabit connectivity - Chorus will make a special 1Gbps UFB service available in the winning Gigatown at entry level broadband prices.
  • A Gigatown development fund - a $200,000 fund provided by Chorus and Alcatel Lucent's ng Connect will support entrepreneurs and innovators taking new services to market over the gigabit fibre connection in Gigatown.
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  • A Gigatown community fund - this is a $500,000 fund provided by Chorus that organisations in the Dunedin community can apply to kick start community related developments that showcase how gigabit infrastructure and UFB can be activated for social good. You can view the fine print on the prize here.
  • The Gigatown prize also includes a CO STARTERS programme series run by Co Lab, an incubator for creative business ideas in Chattanooga, Tennessee, US. Designed to turn business ideas into action, Co Lab will be working with Chorus in 2015 to help people in Dunedin follow their passions, do business, and create jobs, all with the help of ultra-fast broadband and gigabit services.